10+ Best Gift Ideas for Last Minute Shoppers

Ideas for millennial, minimalists, creatives, and the “person who has everything”.

Whether you are a last minute shopper or you’ve been procrastinating while agonizing over what to buy someone who seems to have everything, here are some of my favorite gift ideas. This list includes many resources that are perfect during “stay at home” orders. What I love about these gifts is that they support personal growth, discovery, and self care; rather than adding clutter. And the best part, you can print out or email these gifts, just in time for day-of gift giving!

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning that at no cost to you I may earn commission if you purchase a product. All opinions are my own and I am personally dedicated to only sharing products and services I’m passionate about.

1. Skillshare is my favorite discovery of 2020. Gifting a subscription to Skillshare is gifting a year of educational videos around creating, cooking, building, and personal discovery. There are hundreds of videos to choose from and many are less than 60 minutes long. I love the formatting of the lessons. It’s easy to save and find videos you want to watch in the future. There are two levels of membership (and you can try it for yourself for two weeks free!)

2. Bookshop.com is a digital bookshop that uses its sales to support local, small owned bookstores. When you order a book, the invoice comes with a list of bookshops near your shipping address, for you to visit and support. A gift card to Bookshop.com is a perfect way to shop small! If you click here, I have a digital bookshelf of books I recommend!

3. Winc Wine– I’ve been a huge fan (and consistent customer) of Winc for a few years and a gift card from them makes a perfect gift! Your recipient can fill out a flavor profile to be recommended wines. Shipping is quick and I speak from personal experience that they have excellent customer service. Don’t forget to include this $22 off code so they can save extra with their gift card (and you can use it for you too!)

4. Murray’s Cheese – Virtual cheese pairing classes are a PERFECT stay-at-home treat (TBH I would be into this even if there wasn’t a pandemic). You can purchase a gift card from Murray’s Cheese and your recipient will pick a date to attend a cheese pairing class from Murray’s Cheese shop in Greenwich Village, New York City. After RSVPing for the class, a package of ingredients will be shipped in a temperature regulated box, in time for the virtual class.

5.For Days Clothing– I love this brand because they are closed loop- When you have worn out a piece of their clothing, you can return it and replace it at reduced cost. The clothing styles from For Days are classic, comfortable, and made from organic recycled materials. This is a WIN WIN WIN. If you click here you’ll get $4 off your first purchase.

6. Obe Fitness Subscription– Obe is a workout-from-home platform with over 5 thousand videos of varying levels and styles. A lot of the classes are dance based and all feature bright colors, upbeat music, and encouraging instructors.

7. Stitcher Premium– 2020 has been the year of podcasts, and this gift would be a hit with every millennial everywhere. Stitcher Podcasts has ad-free podcasts, including many exclusive pods that you can’t find anywhere else. Gifting a year’s subscription will cost you $35, or you can give a gift card to cover a few months worth of listening (monthly rate is $5)

8. Audible Books– Audible makes a great present because you can gift lots of different amounts of time or money for your recipient to spend on audio books.

9. MasterClass Subscription- MasterClass is a collection of videos by people successful in their fields, including many celebrities. These videos share insight and motivation around achieving goals and pushing through challenges.

10. The Sill Plants– All millennials want is to be good parents to their plants. Plant adoption is easy and fun with the help of The Sill. What I love about this company is the beautiful range of plants, the customizable pots and planter message sticks, and the plant care chat feature on the website for any plant-mergencies.

11. Getaway House– I experienced Getaway House last year and I recommend it highly! Every house is a tiny cabin, distant from other guests and perfect for an unplugged weekend. Its easy to gift any amount of money and your recipient can use this code for $25 off their stay.

Happy holidays! Wishing you and yours a special season of celebration, despite difficulties and social distancing.


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