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I recently made myself a vision board to help me plan out projects, trips, goals, and tasks. Because of Covid-19 I’ve often felt incapable of planning ahead more than two weeks at a time. This has been a huge road block for me personally to get around. Vacations, visits to family, in person classes and workshops, gig work, theater performances and concerts… all of these things that usually fill my time and soul GONE. Sound familiar? It’s (only very slightly) comforting to realize that nearly every person on the planet has faced disappointment because of Covid cancellations. But still… how do we get around this?

Something that has been a huge tool for me is VISUALIZATION. Writing down things I want to accomplish has helped me work though nitty gritty tasks that aren’t as fun, and keep my eyes on the goal. And sometimes after writing a thing down, priorities switch. You realize you don’t want that thing. Or you realize you want something else way more. Or you realize how many years its been since you ignored picking up a certain project!?

Let me encourage you to start writing down your short term goals:

The vision board I created has 12 month brackets. I used different colored post-it notes for different goals. What I like about post-its is I can move a goal if I decide to change a timeline.

I still have tons of room to add goals and projects but looking at what I have so far gives me enthusiasm and courage to continue to plan more. It is absolutely possible to plan, create, achieve, and grow even amidst this pandemic. (Yes, I’m talking to myself right now).

I’ve created a few templates for you to make your own 12 month vision board, depending on what you need to get you planning:

Nov 2020 start vision board

Dec 2020 start vision board

Jan 2021 start vision board

Happy dreaming! Tell me in the comments what you are most excited about on your calendar!


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2 thoughts on “TEMPLATE: 12 month planning

  1. Exciting!!! I like that it isn’t too big so you can prevent over-ambitiousness (my problem!). (I see that Road Trip!!!!)