10 Travel Tips in a Post-Pandemic World

Through months of COVID living I’ve been day dreaming of travel to far off places…a beach scene, a European country, a new city to explore… as long as the destination isn’t my couch then “I want to go to there”.

After over 8 months of being isolated in New York City, we were able to safely plan a plane trip to visit my family in California. I’m naturally a bit of a germaphobe and honestly, aren’t we all now? I’m very thankful that information is more readily available around how the virus spreads. That being said, I believe it’s important to take full precaution around travel. I’m still of the opinion that travel should be limited and I won’t be planning any overseas trips until I have a vaccine. However, we weighed the risks and benefits and decided a trip to see family was needed for our mental health.

This is what I learned and experienced about traveling in 2020: TEN TRAVEL TIPS IN A POST-PANDEMIC WORLD.

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Travel TIP #1:

Quarantine yourself for 5-7 days before getting tested. Continue quarantining while waiting for results and before traveling. Be mindful of situations that might compromise your safety before your trip.

Testing negative for COVID is important but should not be considered a green light for travel. It’s important to remember that incubation periods for infection vary case-to-case.


Research protocol at your destination. Will you need to complete a quarantine? Get tested again? Provide proof of negative test results?


Ask your host or anyone you plan to visit about their personal health boundaries and rules. Can you alleviate any stress they may have by complying to certain rules? Take this time to explain your habits and express your personal concerns about rules you would like enforced while you socialize.

Listening to someone express a boundary around their own health and safety is the ultimate form of respect and love you can show them right now.


Assume that the airport is your biggest risk during travel. This doesn’t need to scare you, rather it should help you stay aware of your surroundings; including restrooms, waiting areas, and other high touch areas.


Minimize transactional risks by checking in online and only bringing carry on luggage. If you only bring carry on luggage your largest touch point in the airport will be security screening. Take time after passing security to sanitize your items and hands. Avoid touching your face/mask/glasses/phone until you are properly sanitized.


Bring an empty water bottle to use on your journey. Okay, this is a tip for air travel at ANY time, because it’s important to limit our use of single use plastics. But also this will limit the need to purchase water in an airport shop or ask a flight attendant for water. Bonus if you bring a water bottle that flips open without touching the lid.


When you get to your seat, sanitize everything will touch- seatbelt buckle, tv screen, arm rests, etc. Some airlines will provide individual sanitary wipes for you to use but it’s a good idea to pack some just in case!


When you get to your seat, open your ceiling air vent and point it towards your face. The air circulating from the vents is filtered and clean, and the best source of air for you to breath while onboard.


Pack a snack that can be eaten without being touched by your hands. My favorite travel snack is a Perfect Bar, which has a good balance of protein, carbs, healthy fats, and some ground fruits and veggies for extra vitamins and fiber. The seasonal flavors are always amazing but otherwise I usually settle for the chocolate chip peanut butter flavor!


Be aware of quarantine rules for your return home. If you don’t have time to quarantine or get tested then you don’t have time to travel. Many states are requiring a 14 day quarantine or proof of two negative tests. Include this research and information as you prepare for your trip.

I didn’t mention the basics, but I know you’re already aware of washing hands, wearing masks, and not touching your face or food without proper sanitation. 🙂 Wishing you safe travels as we navigate our new normal!


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One thought on “10 Travel Tips in a Post-Pandemic World

  1. This year I thought about my Boss (who was 50 years older than me). She had a level of cleanliness that I thought eccentric/rather Victorian but was good manners in her day. We are more relaxed with eachother now, life moves faster and there is a larger movement of people (and thus germs) as things like flights get more affordable. Hopefully this is a reminder to slow down, be a little more conscious of our effect on our environments. I have to say I have never seen the trains here so clean! 😉